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18 Aug

Vaginal Discharge Solution




18 Aug


please do not use the hashtag until the time

#EgyptMassacre via @OIM_News video [1:03]

#EgyptMassacre In pictures (23 images)

#EgyptMassacre via @GlobalPost: What Cairo’s Rabaa al-Adawiya mosque looks like today:

#EgyptMassacre Burnt pages of the Qur’an in Rabaa Mosque after police crack-down.

after killed him, seized his weapon, then making fun of his body to take a picture of funny moment. #EgyptMassacre

#EgyptMassacre Bodies of Morsi supporters at a field hospital in Rabaa al-Adawiya. …

#EgyptMassacre another dead body

#EgyptMassacre The victims coming out of Rabaa egypt

#EgyptMassacre One of three rooms where corpses are kept. All ran out of space.

#EgyptMassacre situation near Rabaa al-Adawiya after Egypt forces moved in on pro-Mursi sit-in.

#EgyptMassacre Report says at least 125 civilians that against the coup killed after massacre

#EgyptMassacre This is freedom in a country which democratically elects a gov the west doesnt want #egypt

#EgyptMassacre Dead protester being stretchered down hospital stairs (via @_cypherpunks_) #Egypt

#EgyptMassacre “Islamist terrorists” preparing an attack…

#EgyptMassacre Doctors are trying to save a young chilled life from all the gas bombs in the streets of Rabaa

#EgyptMassacre People who are still giving excuses for the blood shed happening in Egypt disgust me!!

#EgyptMassacre Zaynhum Mortuary has no room for bodies! Pic via @soltanlife

#EgyptMassacre This is the masjed of Rabaa after the army burned it down yesterday.

#EgyptMassacre charred bodies was burnt in Rabaa sit-in civil hospital by the army to destroy the evidences

#EgyptMassacre Burnt bodies of anti-coup protesots in Rabaa by the army

#EgyptMassacre via @mosaaberizing documents for the world&for history a massacre committed by Egypt army&police

#EgyptMassacre Lived as paralyzed.. Dead as martyr.

#EgyptMassacre Gas bombs are made in Israel are thrown at the demonstrators

#EgyptMassacre Snipers overlooking Anti Coup protesters in #Rabaa

#EgyptMassacre Tear gas fired at Azhar Scholars in from of Ministry of Awqaf

#EgyptMassacre World Newspapers and the Massacres that happened in Egypt today

#EgyptMassacre 278 People Killed (Video & gallery)

Young woman Shot Dead by army sniper for filming #EgyptMassacre


#EgyptMassacre Hundreds killed, thousands injured in Egypt

#EgyptMassacre Cairo, Egypt Protests: Deadly Crackdown on Egypt’s Pro-Morsi Protestors

#EgyptMassacre [+18 picture]

#EgyptMassacre What should we do?

#EgyptMassacre A brain of Egyptian man in Rabaa | Yes this is Massacre

#EgyptMassacre 10 years old boy also being killed

#EgyptMassacre [image gallery] Disheartening images from Egypt

#EgyptMassacre dead body

#EgyptMassacre the burning of makeshift hospital with people inside…

#EgyptMassacre Snipper shot on Woman protester

#EgyptMassacre via @soltanlife :Asmaa Albeltagy writes a month ago, “Oh Allah we have no 1 but You,Oh Allah.” Yest she returns to Him.

#EgyptMassacre via @gelhaddad :Ammar,civil engineer&father of Reem, Adam&Musa.Killed yesterday at hands of military

via @JamalsNews :Young woman shot dead by army sniper for filming the #EgyptMassacre yesterday.

#EgyptMassacre via @EgyAntiCoup :Volunteer transporting victims of Rabaa Massacre finds his own brother among them.

#EgyptMassacre A sniper also shot medical officer in the head

#EgyptMassacre via @muhammadiyah :Muhammadiyah meminta hadiah Nobel ElBaradey dikembalikan krn kuat dugaan dia tokoh utama kudeta Mesir

#EgyptMassacre via @Sahabat_Rasul :Syaikh M. Hassan (ulama salafy terkemuka Mesir) bergabung dg demo pro Mursi

#EgyptMassacre At least 421 people died in clashes in Egypt on Wednesday, Health Ministry says

#EgyptMassacre 2 journalists killed covering Egypt clashes

#EgyptMassacre anywhere the military rules, people will die

#EgyptMassacre Tyrant Egyptian Army Starts Killing Again

#EgyptMassacre via @ahmed_moaziz: These are our martyrs in Iman mosque now. We will never forget them.

#EgyptMassacre Military crackdown: Egypt’s Tiananmen Square | Editorial

#EgyptMassacre Never in Egypt’s recent history has the government committed so much violence against it own people

#EgyptMassacre via @seren_hakan This is what’s Sisi doing to Egypt’s people

#EgyptMassacre via @seren_hakan Over 2000 dead & 12000 wounded according to field hospital in Rabaa massacre

#EgyptMassacre Another gallery of yesterday’s massacres

#EgyptMassacre The days we will never forget

Gallery of #EgyptMassacre

#EgyptMassacre -Dear dictator, you killed alot of people yesterday. Did you sleep well last night?

#EgyptMassacre Todays headline

#EgyptMassacre 10 Striking Photos From Day Of Clashes In Egypt

#EgyptMassacre Witness Describes Bullets, Blood And Bulldozers In Egypt Violence

#EgyptMassacre In pictures: Killing in Cairo

#EgyptMassacre In Pictures: cairo crackdown

#EgyptMassacre Egypt’s interim PM defends deadly crackdown

#EgyptMassacre brutality in Egypt

#EgyptMassacre A boy, grieving his father’s death, cries into the phone “everyone is dead”

#EgyptMassacre just like Syrian gov, they like to burn the mosque


18 Aug

Here is a list of games from the cookie threads.
I will update this list.
There are Kongrate links here, you get banned if you post those.

-Open in a new window, do not minimize, do not open it in a new tab (Will be fixed in the big update.)
-“Orteil !A3KWOkWo6E” is the tripcode of the developer.
-We wiki now! (With guide)

Candy Box
pastebin (embed)

A Dark Room

Gold and Gems

That game where you click boxes


Kaguya Table: The Expansion
standalone version

BoxCar2D – randomly generated vehicles trying to finish a course, with genetic/evolution script.

Progress Quest

Idle Quest (404) – If you find a working version please post it.

Get clicks for your country!

Powder game (And lots of other fun shit) – Appears to be offline now

Anti idle game

Battle without End



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